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Natural air inlet PVC Top-hung White

FAKRO Roof window PPP-V U3 preSelect

✔ PVC ✔ center pivot ✔ top hung ✔ 2-panes ✔ Window U-value: 1.3 W/m²K ✔ Glazing U-value: 1.0 W/m²K
Alter Preis: 587,27 ( 493,50 excl. VAT and shipping)
469,81 inc. VAT, excl. shipping
(394,80 excl. VAT and shipping) You save: 98,70 (20%)
Choose the roofing material, making sure that your window will be completely weathertight

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Top hung and pivot roof window FAKRO PPP-V U3 preSelect is made of aluminium and plastic. The window design enables the sash to be opened in outward or pivot function. The outward opening function enables the sash to be opened in any position from 0 to 35 degrees. It enables an easy approach to the opened window and ensures a wide view to the outside. The pivot function enables the sash to be rotated through 180 degrees. The patented innovative operating mechanism guarantees complete sash stability in either outward and centre pivot mode. The opening method can be selected by using the preSelect sliding switch positioned in the middle of the frame. The installed V35 air inlet ensures fresh air inflow while the window is tightly closed. The PPP-V top hung and centre pivot window is intended to be installed in particular in rooms with elevated humidity levels (kitchens, bathrooms). PVC profiles are made on the basis of calcium and zinc organic stabiliser. They are made in white (RAL9010). The PPP window is made of multi-chamber PVC white profiles, strengthened from the inside with galvanized steel profiles. The roof window is durable, corrosion free, resistant to changeable weather conditions and its maintenance is reduced to an absolute minimum. The plastic used in the window production does not absorb any moisture and is resistant to acid or alcohol action.

The windows are available in golden oak and pine veneer, as well.

The PPP-V windows are equipped with V35 air-inlet which provides fresh air with the window closed. Positioned on the top part of the window frame. When fully opened this inlet supplies fresh air up to 41m3/h at a pressure difference of 10Pa depending upon the window width. As a result of this great efficiency, air humidity inside the room is effectively reduced, thereby reducing condensation. The V-35 air inlet can in part discharge air when normal gravitational ventilation isn’t working properly. Its excellent venting efficiency guarantees that a greater amount of stale and humid air is removed from the room.


  • Manufactured from white (RAL 9010) multi-chamber PVC profiles strengthened from the inside with galvanized steel profiles;
  • Elevated anti-burglary resistance -topSafe system;
  • New glazing seal provides additional tightness in extreme weather conditions and reduces the micro pulses of the cladding profiles during heavy rain;
  • Operated by the use of handle positioned at the lower part of the sash, opening method can be switched using the preSelect sliding switch;
  • Factory pre-fixed, lower angle brackets for installing the window onto roof trimmers;
  • Installed with identical as for wooden windows flashings in roofs with pitches between 15° and 55°;
  • Wide range of internal and external accessories; the same as those used with wooden windows;
  • 10 year warranty period.

Glazing unit U3

Single chamber 4H - Tg16Ar - 4T. External pane toughened, warm spacer, inner glass with low emission coating. Space between panes filled with inert gas- argon. Ug=1.1 W/m²K

Flashings (sold separately):

Flashings are essential for the correct installation of roof windows. Precisely designed flashing details ensure a durable and neat fit with the roofing material used. The purpose of flashing is to ensure good drainage away from the window and to provide protection from the elements.

Technical specification

Technical specification:PPP-V U3PPP-V U5PPP-V L3
Window U-value:1,3 W/m²K1,1 W/m²K1,3 W/m²K
Glazing U-value:1,1 W/m²K0,6 W/m²K1,1 W/m²K
Rw coefficient:31 dB34 dB33 dB
Glazing:4H-16-4T      4HT-10-4H-10-4HT4HS-14-33.1T   
Warm TGI spacers:+++
External glass with easy maintenace layer:--+
Inert gas filled with panes:    ArgonKryptonArgon
External glass toughened:+++
Laminated, safety glass:--with 1 foil
Air inlet type:V35V35V35
Air inlet air flow:up to 41 m³/hup to 41 m³/hup to 41 m³/h
Number of seals:444
Multi-point opening:+++
Handle:Elegant whiteElegant whiteElegant white
Interior color:White (RAL9010)White (RAL9010)White (RAL9010)
Exterior color:Grey, RAL 7022Grey, RAL 7022Grey, RAL 7022
Installation range:15-55°15-55°15-55°
Warranty:10 years10 years10 years





Roof windows

  • PVC
  • center pivot
  • top hung
Window U-value:
1.3 W/m²K
Glazing U-value:
1.0 W/m²K

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