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Natural air inlet PVC Triple glazed White

PVC roof window OptiLight TLP-V ENERGIE with triple glazing and air inlet

Standard Plus, PVC, center pivot, 3-panes, Window U-value: 1.1 W/m²K, 0.7 W/m²K
Alter Preis: 239,54 ( 206,50 excl. VAT and shipping)
179,66 inc. VAT, excl. shipping
(154,88 excl. VAT and shipping) You save: 51,63 (25%)
The size refers to the outer dimension of the roof window!!!

Ships within 1-3 business days after receipt of your payment


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The size refers to the outer dimension of the roof window!!!
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Ships within 1-3 business days after receipt of your payment

SUNSHADE! Awning blind for roof windows | OptiLight and FAKRO SUNSHADE! Awning blind for roof windows | OptiLight and FAKRO
Outside color: umbra grey (RAL 7022)
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Ships within 1-3 business days after receipt of your payment

SUNSET! Blackout blind for roof windows | OptiLight and FAKRO SUNSET! Blackout blind for roof windows | OptiLight and FAKRO
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40,72 inc. VAT, excl. shipping (35,10 excl. VAT and shipping)

Ships within 1-3 business days after receipt of your payment

  • Total cost 179,66

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PVC roof windows will work in every room, especially in the bathroom

OptiLight TLP-V roof window is an aluminum-clad plastic structure manufactured with the use of prime quality PVC profiles re-enforced from the inside with steel profiles. Such constructed windows are durable and their maintenance is limited to an absolute minimum. The material used in the window production does not absorb water, hence it is particularly recommended for rooms with elevated humidity levels (kitchens, bathrooms or laundry rooms).

TLP-V roof window with highly energy efficient double chamber glazing unit

Thanks to the use of a 3-pane package with Ug=0.7W/m2K, a U-value of the total window Uw=1.1W/m2K is achieved. Due to this structure, the OptiLight TLP-V ENERGIE is energy efficient and fully in the current trend of energy saving.

OptiLight roof window is easy to operate

OptiLight TLP-V is a centre pivot roof window. The main advantage of this design is convenient and safe washing of the external glass surface. The sash can be rotated through 180 degrees and then blocked for washing by means of a bolt. From the width of 94 cm the window is equipped with 2 handles.
A handle situated in the lower section of the window ensures usage comfort. Even in case of windows installed higher, there is no need for helping oneself with, e.g. a chair in order to open them. The window closing system, apart from keeping the window closed tightly, offers also a micro-opening facility which allows ventilation of the room.

OptiLight TLP roof window variants

Product name: OptiLight TLP U2
OptiLight TLP-V U4
Profile type: Aluminium-plastic structure windows with multi-chamber PVC profiles and strengthened from the inside with galvanized steel
Window U-value: Uw = 1.3 W/m2K Uw = 1.1 W/m2K
Glazing unit: single chamber (2-pane) double chamber (3-pane)
Outer pane: 4 mm, tempered 4 mm, tempered
Middle pane: - 4 mm
Inner pane: 4 mm 4 mm
Cavity: 16 mm argon-filled 2x 12 mm argon-filled
Glazing total thickness: 24 mm 36 mm
Glazing U-value: Ug = 1.1 W/m2K Ug = 0.7 W/m2K
Glazing solar heat gain: g = 0,64 g = 0,53
Glazing light transmittance: τ = 0,82 τ = 0,74
Air inlet air flow: - up to 40m3/h
at the pressure difference of 10Pa
depending on the window width
Outside color: RAL 7022 RAL 7022
Installation range: Suitable for installation into roof pitches between 15° and 90°
Guarantee: 10 years 10 years


A flashing is an essential element allowing correct installation of a takfönster in the roof slope. The precisely designed systemic elements of the flashing enable tight and durable integration of the window with roofing. It is very important as the main task of the flashing is to drain water and snow away from the window and protect it against the wind. The flashings are manufacture from aluminium sheet, coated with hard-wearing polyester lacquer. The basic color is umbra grey (RAL 7022), thanks to which windows go well with standard colors of roofing materials. Flashings are used for connecting the windows with roofing and it is the roofing which decides about their selection.


FAKRO accessories, both internal and external, are available: roller blinds, venetian blinds, pleated blinds, blackout blinds, insect screens, awning blinds and external roller blinds can all be used with OptiLight windows. For operation of windows and accessories installed high out of reach special rods are available. Additional accessories can be controlled manually or electrically, in a wide range of designs and colours to match any interior decor. The wide range of accessories increases the functionality of the window, and offers the means of light control as well as energy used.

OptiLight windows can be fitted with choosen additional accessories for FAKRO pivot windows which include internal as well as external accessory:

Internal accessories

  • ARS, ARP roller blinds
  • AJP venetian blinds
  • APS pleated blinds
  • ARF blackout blinds moskitiery
  • AMS mosquito screen

External accessories

  • AMZ awning blinds
  • ARZ-E, ARZ Solar roller shutters

Compatibility of OptiLight roof windows with FAKRO accessories

Category Product  B und VB VK WGT und WGI TLP
Interior AJP + + - +
ARS + + - +
ARP + + - +
ARF + + - +
APS + + - +
AMS + + - +
AJP-E, AJP Z-Wave - - - +
ARP-E, ARP Z-Wave - - - +
ARF-E, ARF Z-Wave - - - +
ARF/D, ARF/D Z-Wave - - - -
Exterior AMZ, AMZ New Line + + - +
AMZ-E, AMZ Z-Wave + + - +
AMZ-Solar + + - +
AMK - - - -
AME - - - -
ARZ-H - - - -
ARZ-E, ARZ Z-Wave + + - +
ARZ-Solar + + - +
Handling ZBB + + - -
ZBL - - - +
ZST + + - +
ZBH - - - -
ZSD - - - -
Installation XDP + + - +
XDS + + - +
XWT - - - +
XLW - - - +
XSP, XSW - - - -
XGP, XGW - - - -
XGK - - - +


Available sizes:
  • 55x78 cm
  • 55x98 cm
  • 55x118 cm
  • 66x98 cm
  • 66x118 cm
  • 66x140 cm
  • 78x98 cm
  • 78x118 cm
  • 78x140 cm
  • 78x160 cm
  • 94x118 cm
  • 94x140 cm
  • 114x118 cm
  • 114x140 cm

Roof windows

Roof windows
Standard Plus
  • center pivot
Window U-value:
1.1 W/m²K
Glazing U-value:
0.7 W/m²K

Installation manual (TLP_NC-180_ROOF-WINDOW-3_12.06.01.pdf, 4,436 Kb) [Download]

Hallo! Die Fenster sind jetzt eingebaut. Der Dachdecker sagte mir, das die Fenster für den Preis sehr gut sind (vgl.Velux). Einbau für 4 Fenster dauerte von 9-15 Uhr.
Ich bin auch sehr zufrieden mit
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Die Erreichbarkeit über den Chat
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Viele Grüße
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Ich werde die Produkte weiterempfehlen.
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