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PVC White

PVC roof window OptiLight TLP THERMO

Standard, PVC, center pivot, 2-panes, Window U-value: 1.3 W/m²K, 1.1 W/m²K
Alter Preis: 190,53 ( 164,25 excl. VAT and shipping)
142,90 inc. VAT, excl. shipping
(123,19 excl. VAT and shipping) You save: 41,06 (25%)
The size refers to the outer dimension of the roof window!!!

Ships within 1-3 business days after receipt of your payment


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Air permeable underfelt collar for roof windows Air permeable underfelt collar for roof windows
The size refers to the outer dimension of the roof window!!!
19,40 inc. VAT, excl. shipping (16,72 excl. VAT and shipping)

Ships within 15 business days after receipt of your payment

Awning blind for OptiLight and FAKRO roof windows Awning blind for OptiLight and FAKRO roof windows
Outside color: umbra grey (RAL 7022)
44,37 inc. VAT, excl. shipping (38,25 excl. VAT and shipping)

Ships within 1-3 business days after receipt of your payment

Blackout blind for OPTILIGHT roof windows Blackout blind for OPTILIGHT roof windows
48,59 inc. VAT, excl. shipping (41,89 excl. VAT and shipping)

Ships within 3-5 business days after receipt of your payment

FAKRO ZBB-P ▸ Opening restrictor for PVC roof windows FAKRO ZBB-P ▸ Opening restrictor for PVC roof windows 27,55 inc. VAT, excl. shipping (23,75 excl. VAT and shipping)

Ships within 5-7 business days after receipt of your payment

  • Total cost 142,90

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TLP roof window is an aluminum-clad plastic structure manufactured with the use of prime quality PVC profiles re-enforced from the inside with steel profiles. Such constructed windows are durable and their maintenance is limited to an absolute minimum. The material used in the window production does not absorb water, hence it is particularly recommended for rooms with elevated humidity levels (kitchens, bathrooms or laundry rooms).

OptiLight brand belongs to FAKRO group (the second largest manufacturer of roof windows in the world). OptiLight products offer high quality at an affordable price. Modern technology of material handling and processing, quality control in every stage of production, as well as tests performed by independent laboratories guarantee high quality of OptiLight skylights. The shaping of the outer paneling of Optilight window makes her look fashionable and aesthetic. OptiLight roof windows are CE marked.

TLP is a centre pivot structure. The main advantage of this design is convenient and safe washing of the external glass surface. The sash can be rotated through 180 degrees and then blocked for washing by means of a bolt. From the width of 94 cm the window is equipped with 2 handles.

A handle situated in the lower section of the window ensures usage comfort. Even in case of windows installed higher, there is no need for helping oneself with, e.g. a chair in order to open them. The window closing system, apart from keeping the window closed tightly, offers also a micro-opening facility which allows ventilation of the room.

The sealing system applied, ensures superb window tightness, reducing heat losses as well as eliminating rainwater infiltration.

TLP windows are fitted with insulated glazing units. External toughened glass provides increased resistance to mechanical damage, e.g. hailstones and the low emission coating on internal pane limits undesirable heat gain in the room. The window is characterised by an overall heat transfer coefficient of Uw=1.3 W/m²K.

It is equipped with factory pre-fixed lower brackets for window installation on battens in the roof structure. Installation of this type of windows does not require any additional skills as it its substantially no different than installation of timber roof windows.


A flashing is an essential element allowing correct installation of a takfönster in the roof slope. The precisely designed systemic elements of the flashing enable tight and durable integration of the window with roofing. It is very important as the main task of the flashing is to drain water and snow away from the window and protect it against the wind. The flashings are manufacture from aluminium sheet, coated with hard-wearing polyester lacquer. The basic color is umbra Grey (RAL 7022), thanks to which windows go well with standard colors of roofing materials. Flashings are used for connecting the windows with roofing and it is the roofing which decides about their selection.


FAKRO accessories, both internal and external, are available: roller blinds, venetian blinds, pleated blinds, blackout blinds, insect screens, awning blinds and external roller blinds can all be used with OptiLight windows. For operation of windows and accessories installed high out of reach special rods are available. Additional accessories can be controlled manually or electrically, in a wide range of designs and colours to match any interior decor. The wide range of accessories increases the functionality of the window, and offers the means of light control as well as energy used.

OptiLight windows can be fitted with choosen additional accessories for FAKRO pivot windows which include internal as well as external accessory:

Technical details

Essential characteristicsPerformance
Resistance to wind loadClass C4*
Resistance to snow load4H-16-4**
Reaction to fireN/A
External fire performanceN/A
Watertightness. Non-schield (A)E900
Impact resistance [mm]Class 3 - 450 mm
Load-bearing capacity of safety deviceTreshold value
Acoustic performance [dB]33 (-2;-5)
Thermal conductivity Uw [W/m²K]1,3
Radiation properties:
- Solar factor g
- Light transmittance

Air permeabilityClass 3

* for the window with the width > 114 cm or height > 140 cm - N/A
** H - external pane toughened

Internal accessories

  • ARS, ARP roller blinds
  • AJP venetian blinds
  • APS pleated blinds
  • ARF blackout blinds moskitiery
  • AMS mosquito screen

External accessories

  • AMZ awning blinds
  • ARZ-E, ARZ Solar roller shutters

Compatibility of OptiLight roof windows with FAKRO accessories

CategoryProduct B und VBVKWGT und WGITLP
AJP-E, AJP Z-Wave---+
ARP-E, ARP Z-Wave---+
ARF-E, ARF Z-Wave---+
ARF/D, ARF/D Z-Wave----
ExteriorAMZ, AMZ New Line++-+
AMZ-E, AMZ Z-Wave++-+
ARZ-E, ARZ Z-Wave++-+
XSP, XSW----
XGP, XGW----


Roof windows

Roof windows
  • center pivot
Window U-value:
1.3 W/m²K
Glazing U-value:
1.1 W/m²K

Installation manual (TLP_NC-180_ROOF-WINDOW-3_12.06.01.pdf, 4,436 Kb) [Download]

Lieferung hat alles wie zugesichert funktioniert. Der Einbau und die Abdichtung sind etwas schwieriger wie bei Velux, aber es hat gut funktioniert. Warum da 2 Griffe sind das frag ich mich.
Super Preis für diese Qualität und die Fenster sind sehr einfach zu verbauen.
Ich habe sie gegen Alte Holzfenster eine sehr bekannt Marke gewechselt.
Mit Aussen Beschattung und ihnen Rolle super Combi
Und der Preis ist unschlagbar
Der Service bei baubay ist super sehr schnell für Online
Besser als so mancher Bau Fachgeschäft
Schnelle Lieferung, ordentlich verpackt, Qualität super, Preis Top, einfache Installation. ABER: die Bedienungsleitung ist ziemlich verwirrend, da diese für alle Modelle gilt: Holz und Kunstoff-Fenster! Man muss erst mal schauen, welche Bildbeschreibung für welches Modell gilt :-/ Und bei den Kunststoff-Fenstern muss man sogar viele mitgelieferte Teile einfach weglassen/wegschmeissen, da diese am Fenster bereits angebracht sind.
Alles Top schnelle Lieferung sehr gute Abwicklung gute Qualität gerne wieder
Top Ware, schnell und leicht zu verbauen, schnelle günstige Lieferung, gerne wieder!
Pünktlich und zuverlässig!
Gute Qualität, zügige Lieferung. Der Einbau war dem Dachdecker fremd, da er nur die Fenster der Firma mit dem "V" eingebaut hat.
Sehr nette Kontakte. Hochwertiges Fenster !!Gerne wieder!!
Toller Service ,schnelle Lieferung.
Bin sehr zufrieden. DANKE!!!!
Wie beschrieben, Preis und Qualität sehr gut!
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