Price & Delivery


Prices visible on our Website are total prices including statutory VAT and excluding shipping costs.
Companies with valid VAT organisation's number are allowed to buy without tax. Shipping costs will appear in the shopping cart, after adding some products to it.


We accept following payment methods:

  1. Bank transfer: Please transfer the total amount to our account within 7 days of receiving your order. The order is processed when the payment is received. The transfer process takes between 1 and 2 working days. Please enter the order's number and your surname (for a different name). For company orders, please enter the name of the company instead of the surname. This enables us to quickly assign the payment and dispatch the goods.
  2. SOFORT payment
  3. PayPal: there is a surcharge = 1.9% of a total amount from the order. With PayPal you pay easily, quickly and securely. You can conveniently complete your order by using your existing PayPal account .
  4. Cash before self pick up (only for goods, that are in stock, after previous arrangement)

Delivery with parcel service

Shipping costs will appear in the shopping cart, after adding some products to it. It guarantees that you always know the shipping costs before your purchase. Delivery by parcel service takes usually 4-5 business days, after dispatch. After shipment, we will send you an email with your unique tracking number / link, so that tracking of the parcel will be possible.

If the products in the shopping cart are too heavy or too large to be delivered with parcel service, the shipping cost will not be displayed in the shopping cart automatically. Please close your inquiry and we will get back to you with your individual shipping cost. In this case, your order will be treated as a request. When you receive the shipping cost from us, you can choose whether you want to continue your order or not .

Deliveries with 24 ton trucks

Calculation of the shipping cost of building materials depends on their weight, volume and distance from our company to the delivery addres. Therefore shipping cost for big quantities of products or very heavy products won't be calculated in the cart automatically. It will be calculated individually by our staff, based on the order, and sent together with good's value as an offer.

Standard delivery without unloading
Delivery with truck + trailer about 17m long, without unloading. The access roads must be hardened and passable for trucks up to approx. 40 tons! Unloading must be organized by the client with a crane, forklift, wheel loader or other suitable unloading technology.

Delivery with unloading
We also offer delivery with unloading. We can arrange trucks equipped with truck-mounted forklift, which would be driven by a truck's driver. In this case, the delivery costs increase and the loading volume of the truck is also reduced by approx. 8%. This type of delivery is primarily intended for pallet goods such as aerated concrete. The access roads must be hardened and passable for trucks up to approx. 40 tons!

How to estimate delivery cost:
Truck- 24 tons - 80m³ - around. 1,10 EUR / km
1/2 truck- 12 tons- 40m³ - around. 0,80 EUR / km
Delivery with unloading - 22 tons - 80m³ - around. 1,60 EUR / km

Examples of delivery cost in Germany (without unloading):

Town Full truck 1/2 truck
Berlin 500 450
Dresden 550 450
Leipzig 540 420
Rostock 550 400
Hamburg 650 450
Hannover 650 450
Nürnberg 850 600
Dortmund 900 650
Frankfurt am M. 930 650
München 980 700
Stuttgart 1080 750


Additional discounts are given indyvidually.

If you are a wholesaler, special discounts can be given.