Building with SOLBET cellular concrete from Poland

Bauen mit SOLBET Porenbeton aus Polen

The largest lightweight concrete producer in Europe

SOLBET is the largest manufacturer of high quality aerated concrete in Poland. The company has been manufacturing aerated concrete for over 70 years. Today, SOLBET has seven production spots where aerated concrete is manufactured, two for construction chemicals and one for reinforced aerated concrete elements, and two where autoclave-treated aerated concrete is manufactured. With a daily capacity of over 2300 cubic meters, the production facility in Solec Kujawski is the largest production facility for aerated concrete in all of Europe. This modern company is the European market leader in the production of lightweight concrete blocks .

Solbet Werk Polen - Porenbeton / Gasbeton

The company's proven strategy ensures optimization of production costs, which influences on the pricing policy. This means that SOLBET can offer high quality products at an reasonable price. The excellent quality of SOLBET's products, which is the result of more than 70 years of experience, enables the company to achieve many successes in the demanding European markets. The quality of SOLBET's materials and the technical level of the factories fully correspond to the level of other European manufacturers. The SOLBET brand is present in many European markets. SOLBET concrete blocks from Poland are now sold in Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Belgium, Russia, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Lithuania, Latvia and Ukraine.

Lightweight concrete blocks are available in the following sizes:

Porenbeton Planbauplatten von Solbet

Solbet Porenbeton Plansteine aus Polen

Buildings of SOLBET's aerated concrete

Various types of buildngs can be built from SOLBET aerated concrete: from single-family houses to commercial buildings and industrial buildings. Blocks from SOLBET can be used for the construction of single- and multi-layers on both load-bearing and partition walls. The low dimensional tolerances for the flat blocks mean that they can be masonry with thin joint glue. Buildings made of SOLBET products are solid, ecological and modern.

Haus aus Porenbeton

Is aerated concrete an ecological material?

The company SOLBET works in a closed ecological cycle: starting with the production up to the waste management. The manufacturer continues to invest in modern, effective and environmentally friendly solutions. Two wind turbines, the total output which covers the energy needs of the entire company on windy days, are the company's contribution to the pro-environmental attitude. Only natural raw materials (limestone, quartz sand, water) are used to produce the aerated concrete. The recycling of post-productive waste protects natural raw resources. The low weight of the blocks saves energy during transport. The products are environment friendly and do not emit any harmful substances.

Energy saving

Building with SOLBET's products allows to save energy and heating costs. The special properties of lightweight concrete protect the building's interior from both the summer heat and the winter cold. Thanks to the excellent thermal insulation value, even extreme outdoor temperatures never enter the living space. In this way, the aerated concrete of SOLBET ensures a high standard of living and guarantees that valuable energy is saved. This is confirmed by the well-known test facilities and institutes for material control in Germany such as MP Berlin. This institute carried out the certification tests for the SOLBET materials and confirmed the value of thermal conductivity λ = 0.10 [W / mk].

Class Thermal conductivity λ U-value(W/m²K)
Size [mm]
50 75 100 115 150 175 200 240 300 365 420
PP2-0,40 0,10 W/(m·K)   - - - - 0,53 - 0,39 0,32 0,27 0,23
PP2-0,50 0,14 W/(m·K) 1,90 1,42 1,14 - 0,81 - 0,63 - - - -
PP4-0,60 0,16 W/(m·K)   - - 1,13 - 0,80 - 0,60 0,49 0,41 -

Solid and stabile construction - solid houses of lightweight concrete

The aerated concrete SOLBET guarantees suitable stability of the buildings without affecting the elasticity of the architectural project. The high compressive strength of 2.75 N / mm² makes this material suitable for building bearing and non-bearing walls in all kinds of buildings with different construction and use (also multi-storey buildings). Because the SOLBET blocks are also relatively light, your house will be built quickly and efficiently.

Class Compressive strength Density
PP2-0,40 2,8 N/mm² 375 (±25) kg/m³
PP2-0,50 2,8 N/mm² 475 (±25) kg/m³
PP4-0,60 5,2 N/mm² 575 (±25) kg/m³

Gasbeton mit Dünnbettmörtel mauern

An optimal indoor microclimate

The unique structure of the SOLBET aerated concrete blocks guarantees a healthy and pleasant indoor climate. The low thermal conductivity of the building material makes it possible to achieve a constant temperature inside despite external temperature changes. The porosity of lightweight concrete blocks also ensures that excess moisture is absorbed and collected from the rooms and then released again if the room air is too dry. The uniform porosity ensures that the heat conduction is the same in all directions and that the building material is open to diffusion, ie. breathe.

Acoustic insulation

The sound-insulating properties of building material depend on its own weight. In the case of walls made of aerated concrete, it was found that, due to the porous structure of the aerated concrete, the sound level in relation to its sound-insulating properties is 2 to 3 dB higher than the sound acoustics of partition walls and materials with the same dead weight.

The homogeneous distribution of the air pores in the building material ensures uniform sound insulation in all directions. The walls made of aerated concrete were examined for sound-absorbing behavior in the test institute for structural engineering and received the display value for sound insulation corrected by 2 dB and display value for acoustic insulation RA1R and RA2R.


Value RA1R and RA2R [dB] depending on the wall thickness [mm]
  RA1R - for inner walls RA2R - for exterior walls
Type of block 50 75 100 175 240 300 365 420 50 75 100 175 240 300 365 420
PP2-0,40 - - 33 41 41 44 46 47 - - 32 35 38 40 42 44
PP2-0,50 - 31 35 41 44 46 48 49 - 30 33 37 40 43 45 45
PP4-0,60 - 33 37 43 46 48 50 51 - 32 34 39 42 45 47 47

Is lightweight concrete fire resistant?

Aerated concrete from SOLBET is made of non-combustible material. Solbet blocks won't be affected by a fire and thus form a barrier against the spread of fire. In the same way, lightweight concrete from SOLBET emits no pollutants or toxic fumes. A partition wall with a thickness of 11.5 cm also has fire class EI 120. The higher fire class REI 240 can be achieved with a wall thickness of 17.5 cm. SOLBET materials guarantee the highest level of safety, even without additional fire protection systems. The fire resistance tests for SOLBET products, which are carried out regularly in the test laboratories, confirm the high level of safety without exception. Because aerated concrete is extremely resistant to high temperatures, the chamber where fire tests are performed on other building materials is built of aerated concrete.


  walls without plaster walls with plaster without plaster with plaster
  Utilization factor Utilization factor
  α ≤ 1 α ≤ 0,6 α ≤ 1 α ≤ 0,6
  lower limit value (LG) upper limit value (UG) LG UG LG UG LG UG LG UG LG UG
60 EI 60 EI 90 EI 90 EI 120 - -
80 EI 90 EI 180 EI 120 EI 180 - -
100 EI 90 EI 240 EI 180 EI 240 REI 30 REI 120 REI 30 REI 120 REI 30 REI 120 REI 30 REI 180
120 EI 240 REI 60 REI 120 REI 90 REI 120 REI 90 REI 120 REI 120
180 EI 240 REI 90 REI 240 REI 180 REI 240 REI 90 REI 240 REI 180  
240 EI 240 REI 180 REI 240 REI 240 REI 180 REI 240 REI 240
300 EI 240 REI 180 REI 240 REI 240 REI 240
360 EI 240 REI 240
420 EI 240 REI 240

Highest resistance to atmospheric factors

SOLBET's lightweight concrete  is resistant to many atmospheric conditions. The chemical composition of aerated concrete prevents the development of dangerous microorganisms. Due to the strongly alkaline reaction of the material and the rapid attenuation, no bacteria, mold or fungi develop on the aerated concrete surface.

All types of walls

Each SOLBET product is manufactured with very high dimensional accuracy. The blocks and u-blocks are offered in many dimensions. This means that many types of walls can be raised with SOLBETl. The simple processing of the aerated concrete elements means that there are no architectural boundaries. With the lightweight concrete elements, you can build from the basement to the roof in a flexible way. With those blocks even arched partitions, efficient fireplaces or a bathtub coating can be built.

What is the cost of lightweight concrete blocks?

Due to the low weight and the relatively large dimensions of the building blocks of SOLBET, the construction work is simple and efficient. By using lightweight concrete, the construction time can be significantly shortened, which helps to reduce your costs. A block of aerated concrete can replace several bricks. Thanks to the profiled side surfaces of the blocks, it is not necessary to fill the horizontal joints with thin-joint glue, which speeds up the construction work and reduces the purchase costs of thin-joint joints. Another advantage of lightweight concrete blocks is their high dimensional accuracy, which allows them to be built with a thin layer of mortar. Building walls is like a child's play - the individual block parts can be easily cut to the desired size and their construction only requires the use of simple tools. The best proof is the construction of the International Fund "Habitafor Humanity", which was built from SOLBET's materials and by the volunteers.

The highest quality

Many years of experience, the trained employees, the modern production system and the high level of ambition help to manufacture SOLBET products with the highest possible quality. The quality management system has been introduced in SOLBET factories. SOLBET products received ISO 9000 and OHSAS 1800. Every block that is manufactured, before it leaves the production facility and reaches the customer, must meet the requirements of the strict quality control system.


Auf der suche nach einem preiswerten Porenbetonstein bin ich auf den Hersteller Solbet gestoßen, der unter anderem durch die Firma Baubay vertrieben wird. Eine wirklich empfehlenswerte Firma in Sachen Preis/Leistung und Kundenfreundlichkeit. Der Kundenservice wird bei der Firma Baubay wirklich groß geschrieben. Während der ganzen Verkaufsverhandlungen wurde ich von einem und dem selben Kundenbetreuer beraten. Dieser hat sich sehr viel Mühe gegeben und mir sämtliche bedenken einer polnischen Firma gegenüber genommen. Die Bestellung und auch die Zahlungseingangsbestätigung verliefen reibungslos. Genauso die angegeben Lieferzeit wurde auf den Tag genau eingehalten. Die etwas längere Lieferzeit resultiert auf unseren Wunsch "Anlieferung mit Entladung", was für uns aber kein Problem war. Am Tag der Anlieferung wurde ich regelmäßig von der Spedition informiert, wann der LKW bei uns eintrifft. Die Entladung war auf Grund unserer Bodenverhältnisse mit ein paar kleinen Hürden belasten, aber für den polnischen Fahrer, der sehr gut Deutsch sprechen konnte kein Problem. Die Steine selbst haben ein gute Qualität, sicherlich Transport bedingt gibt es den ein oder anderen Stein der gebrochen ist, aber auch dass sollte kein Problem sein da man ja auch Steine zum zuschneiden benötigt.

Alles in allem ein perfekter Kauf, ich würde immer wieder gerne bei der Firma einkaufen.
Die Lieferung hat wunderbar funktioniert. Auch der LKW Fahrer war sehr nett und hat die Paletten mit viel fein Gefühl entladen. Auf diesem Weg möchte ich mich bei Ihnen für die tolle Zusammenarbeit bedanken.
Hatte ca. 100 Paletten Solbet Steine bekommen die Arbeit mit Herrn Boeheim von Bau Bay ist voll in Ordnung gewesen Lieferung stimmte absolut.
Die Qualität der Steine war in Ordnung. Das einzige an der Logistik ist man muss für die Entladung selbst sorgen. Sonst immer wieder Danke noch mal.
Alles wie gewünscht und besprochen. Gerne wieder!
Es war alles bestens,Qualität und Service ist zu empfehlen. Immer gern wieder.
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