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How to insulate a house?

House insulation in general is made during a renovation or while construction. It reduces the heat losses in winter, prevents from cold air, but also prevents from overheating of the house during the summer.  What areas should be insulated? Of course exterior walls, but also floor, foundation, roof, partition walls, ceiling - all the weak points, where is threat of cold air getting in. On the market there are a lot of brands, that offer insulation products. We decided to offer proven quality products, from Polish manufacturers. You can choose between EPS, XPS, PIR boards or mineral wool. Of course should be noted, that each product should be chosen carefully due to it's properties and destination. For wall insulation it is λ (thermal conductivity) value important - the lower, the better. It tells how warm your house will be thanks to it. For floor or parking insulation compressive stress value is important - the higher, the better. This value tells how heavy load EPS board will handle.

Wide range of renders - from mineral ones to silicone-silicate renders together with facade paints allow to secure your walls insulation layer, but also will give your home elegant look. 400 colors to choose allow to create unique facade design.

To each type of insulation there are dedicated different mounting products - glue, pins, fibre glass net, primers. We offer all of them to complete your insulation system. Please find below our offer:

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