Telescopic pole control for roof windows and blinds

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This telescopic pole is dedicated for operation of hard-to-reach roof windows and blinds. It will help you to ventilate rooms, where roof windows are installed high.

If your roof windows are installed so high, that their operation is difficult, problematic and not comfortable - this product is perfect for you. Thanks to it you would be able to open and close the window standing on the floor. It's neat design allows for easy and comfortable usage. What's more - you don't need separate pole for high-mounted blinds! This product will deal with it too.

Operating rod for Rooflite roof windows        Operating pole to blinds


  • Adjustable length: 100-180 cm
  • 4 stop-positions
  • Easy operation: choose one of 4 stop-positions and hook the grip to the window's handle or blind's operation bar
  • Perfect for roof windows mounted in staircases, high rooms, halls
  • Rubber, non-slip grip
  • Compatible with Dakstra, DAKEA and RoofLITE+ roof windows
  • Compatible with Dakstra, DAKEA, RoofLITE+ blackout blinds
  • Other compatible brands: Aron, Artens, Luxtra, Balio, Magnetic, Aveline, Tyrem, Solstro, Luminatec roof windows and blinds
  • Please note that this telescopic pole is not compatible with other roof windows and blinds

Telescopic pole fr high-installed Rooflite roof windows            Telescopic pole for high-installed blinds

How to check the window's producer?

Each roof window has a nameplate placed on the sash, where you can find the producer's name, size, serial number. Just open the window and find the nameplate.

If you can't localize the nameplate, or you are not sure how to read it properly - contact us. We will gladly help.


How to check wjhat size does my roof window have

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