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Upholstered wall panel

Stegu Mollis products are ideal for bedrooms, children's rooms, living rooms, home offices and corridors. They can be used not only as bed and sofa backrests, but also as striking decorative elements, such as on TV walls, window niches and hallway seats.

Mollis products are distinguished by the wide selection of upholstery fabrics used in their production. Fabrics with visible, well-defined weaves are available, appearing in several different collections. The offer also includes delicate velvet fabrics with or without combed effect, as well as imitation leather fabrics with a soft but irregular texture. The fabrics selected for mollis panels are treated with a hydrophobic coating, which further protects them from water and damp dirt. The color palette includes over a dozen carefully selected shades, both universal and timeless, as well as seasonal, in tune with current trends. The color palette for Mollis wallpapered panels includes classic beiges, browns and grays, pastel pinks and blues, elegant navy blues, bold reds and honeys, turquoises and blacks.

Research by the Building Research Institute confirms that the sound insulation level of mollis® upholstered panels is 70%, making a significant contribution to room soundproofing. The panels also have good thermal insulation properties, making them an aesthetic protection against cold walls.


The great advantage of these panels is that they can be easily assembled in a DIY project without the need for professional help. The panels can be fixed with glue, so they can be changed at any time.


If cleaning is necessary, simply pick up spills with an absorbent towel, then wipe the panel with a damp cloth, possibly with grey soap.


  • mollis upholstered panels can be freely combined with each other within one series. We do not recommend assembling together panels from different series due to the possibility of minimal differences in the thickness of the panel.
  • mollis upholstered panels are decorative products and despite their ability to absorb sound (class C), they should not be used as a substitute for professional acoustic panels.
  • Before starting work, measure the room carefully, calculate the area of the target surfaces and purchase the right amount of the panels and mounting glue or Velcro pads / tapes – depending on the chosen application method.
  • Before assembly we suggest making a test layout of panels on the floor or outlining the pattern on the wall.
  • Do not cut mollis upholstered panels by yourself – we recommend hiring professional upholsterer if necessary.
  • When laying panels on the wall, it is worth paying attention to the uniform direction of the fabric weave.
  • Ambient temperature during and within 48 hours after the application should not be lower than +5°C and higher than +25°C.


All the target surfaces should be correctly conditioned. They should be strong enough, uniformly textured, even, dry and free from any loose material as well as cleaned of residues of paints, antiadhesive agents and grease. Unstable coatings should be removed.


For the application of panels, we recommend a mounting glue, which has a high initial gluing strength and has a strong bond after curing.

  1. Prepare the assembly tools: glue, pencil, level and ruler.
  2. Gently unpack the panel from the foil so as not to damage the product.
  3. Before assembly we suggest making a test layout of panels on the floor or outlining the pattern on the wall.
  4. Use a dry cloth to clean the back of the panel from speck. Next, apply glue to the panel at intervals of about 25 cm.
  5. Glue the panel in place, pressing it firmly. Remember to precisely fit it in the corners.

If necessary, you have about 10 minutes after application to correct the position of the panel.


  1. Prepare assembly tools: Velcro tapes or pads, pencil, cutter, level and ruler.
  2. Gently unpack the panel from the foil so as not to damage the product.
  3. Before assembly we suggest making a test layout of panels on the floor or outlining the pattern on the wall.
  4. Dry wipe the gluing surface and then glue the tape or Velcro evenly to the panel at intervals of about 25 cm with the white side.
  5. Glue the panel in a suitable place on the wall, pressing it lightly.
  6. If you are making a headrest on a laminated board, glue the panel in a suitable place on the board and press lightly.

We recommend Velcro with one-sided adhesive. Just connect them together and apply to the panel in several places. Next, peel off the white protective film and attach the element in a suitable place to the wall or a smooth surface, e.g. a headrest.

WARNING: We shall not be liable for any consequences of incorrect panel application and all claims involving sizes or colors ‘as laid’ are expressly excluded.

Please note!

All the colors shown below may differ slightly from the actual colors. This depends on the resolution of your monitor and graphics card. Colors are affected by many factors, such as lighting, age, type of finish, type of substrate and adjacent colors. We accept no claims for color deviations between on-screen and actual colors. There are no returns due to color variances.

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