VELUX BDX 2000F for flashing EDJ

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The range of VELUX installation products make the professional installation of your roof windows quick, simple and safe. All original VELUX installation products are compatible to ensure that your roof window is weathertight and safe connected to the roof construction and has an excellent finish on the inside.

 VELUX BDX - insulation frame with flexible foam for a tight and secure fit to the roof construction.

  • Insulates around the roof window frame, reducing heat loss and eliminating cold bridges,
  • Makes insulating and installing the window a simple process,
  • Comes with Underfelt Collar (BFX),
  • Click fittings ensure fast and accurate assembly.

Permissible angle of the roof slope:
15º - 90º

Suitable for windows: GGL, GZL, GGU, GHL, GHU, GPL, GPU, GTL, GXL, GIL, GIV and GUI.

This product is compatible ONLY with flashing Velux EDJ. For other types of Velux flashings You will need Velux BDX 2000

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