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Atlas GIPSAR PLUS | white gypsum finishing coat (app. 3 mm)

8,88 / 20 kg inc. VAT, excl. shipping
(7,46 excl. VAT and shipping)

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Atlas GIPSAR PLUS - Gypsum Finishing for performing gypsum finishes on walls and ceilings. Fills small cavities on the walls and ceilings – can be used for repairing the surface before applying gypsum finish. It is manufactured as a dry mix of synthetic gypsum, mineral binders, modifying additives and the adjusters of setting time.

  • The product classified according to C7 standard as gypsum finishing plaster.
  • Max. one layer thickness - 3 mm
  • Increased firmness – the strength of intercrystalline bonds in gypsum was increased by the additives of modified polymers (redispersible powder resins) - therefore GIPSAR PLUS creates a uniform, firm and smooth surface for a coating and wall-papering.
  • Very good workability – the compound is plastic, during application is not rolled out and does not break, easy to smooth.
  • characterized by high water retention – it enables maintenance in the mass an appropriate quantity of water, therefore it is easy for spreading on the substrate and creates optimal conditions for proper setting.
  • Mechanical applying possible – it offers quicker application than the traditional method does.
  • Creates a strong and stable substrate – it is easy to sand the surface and the dust does not clogg the sand-paper or abrasive mesh.
  • Very smooth surface – aesthetic, uniform and smooth, creates excellent surface for coating or wall-papering.
  • The perfect coating – the additive of polymers makes the surface absorbable for paint coating which makes the finishing works easy and fast.
  • Resistant to cracking as the result of contraction during setting.


The average consumption is at 0,8 kg of mix to 1 m2 / 1 mm layer thickness.


Paper bags: 20 kg.
Pallet: 1080 kg in 20 kg bags.




(DE) Technische Daten (plus_gipsar_td_de.PDF, 100 Kb) [Download]

(EN) Technical Data (plus_gipsar_td_en.pdf, 226 Kb) [Download]

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