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Finding out the right size

The size (e.g. 78/118) refers to the outer dimensions of the roof window! The blind itself is smaller.

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Additional products

Remote controllers for FAKRO devices Remote controllers for FAKRO devices
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ARZ: roller shutters for Fakro roof windows

External roller shutter ARZ Solar provides total comfort when using the attic space because it protects from overheating, enables complete shading of the room, reduces noise from the outside and ensures privacy by completely covering the window.
Installed on the outside, FAKRO ARZ improve protection on sunny days from uncomfortable heat gain. The inside surface of the aluminium slats is covered with a special coating, which limits incoming heat.

Important information

  • Roller shutter ARZ Solar is designed for for centre-pivot windows (FTS, FTP, FTU, FTT and PTP) and top-hung-and-pivot windows (FPT, FPU and PPP).
    To order ARZ Solar for windows-with-raised-axis-of-rotation (FYP, FYU or FDY) or for panoramic roof window (FEP) contact with us delivering details from nameplate of the window.
  • ARZ Solar is powered by solar batteries;
  • The remote control is not included.
  • When installing roller shutters on windows in any vertical combinations the minimum 20 cm distance between them must be observed and 10 cm between the windows installed side by side.


  • effective reduction of heat entering the room;
  • reduction of heat loss during winter;
  • complete blackout;
  • increased security and the feeling of privacy;
  • protection from UV radiation;
  • good sound reduction.


The size of e.g. 78x140 cm applies to roof window's size! Window's size can be found on the nameplate located at the top of the window. There is no need to measeure the window. Just read the size from the nameplate and order accessories in the corresponding size.

Control devices for FAKRO Z-Wave / SOLAR products

Kindly note: the product is sold separately!

The products listed below are not delivered with a roof window, shutters or blinds. They are sold separately so that each customer can choose the product that best suits their needs.

Product name: ZRH1 ZRH12 ZRW7 ZRS24
Device type: one-channel remote control multi-channel remote control wireless, multi-channel wall keyboard multi-channel remote control
Compatibility with FAKRO Z-WAVE products:
Compatibility with FAKRO SOLAR products:
Amount of supported devices: up to 12 devices in one group do 12 urządzeń w każdej z 12 grup up to 12 devices in each of the 7 groups up to 24 devices in each of the 24 groups
"PLACE" function:
up to 24 devices in each of the 24 places
"SCENE" function:
up to 24 sceens
Appearance information
Available in white:
Available in black:
Dimensions: 48x125x17 mm 48x125x17 mm 80x80x20 mm 52x180x20 mm
Technical data
LCD display: - - - 240x320 px
Radio protocol: Z-Wave Z-Wave Z-Wave Z-Wave
Power supply: 2x batteries AAA 2x batteries AAA 4x batteries AAA 3x batteries AKU AAA
USB charging possible:
Working temperature: from +5°C to +40°C from +5°C to +40°C from 0°C to +40°C from +5°C to +40°C

Installation how-to-video

  • OptiLight
  • Aron
Product Awning blinds Roller shutters
FTS, FTP, FTU - - -
FTT U8 Thermo
- - - -
PTP, PTP-V - - - -
- - -
PPP-V preSelect - - - -
FEP - - - - - - -
FYP-V - - -
upper/lower part
/ - / - / - - - / - / - / - -
FHG-V - - - - - - - - -
BD, BVP, BXP - - - - - - - -
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