FAKRO Loft ladder LWZ Plus

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The FAKRO loft ladder LWZ is a 3-section folding wooden ladder with an insulated hatch. The wooden ladder box includes a steel frame, finishing linings slats and a quick installation system. This simplifies installation and reduces the time to fit the ladder in the ceiling.


  • stile ends
  • white hatch
  • peripheral seal
  • handrail
  • non-slip treads set flush with ladder strings
  • fully assembled and ready for quick installation in the ceiling
  • possibility of installing additional accessories
  • 3 yeahr warranty

Technical specification:

  • Satisfy the requirements of EN 14975
  • Maximum loading: 160 kg
  • Loft ladder U-Value: U=1.1 W/m²K
  • Insulation thickness: 3 cm
  • Hatch thickness 3.6 cm

Technical data

Ceiling opening dimension / room height[cm] AxB hH 60x120 h=280 70x120 h=280 70x130 h=280 70x140 h=280 60x130 h=305 70x130 h=305 70x140 h=305
Box external dimension [cm] WxL 58.8x118.8 68.8x118.8 68.8x128.8 68.8x138.8 58.8x128.8 68.8x128.8 68.8x138.8
Box interior dimension [cm] MxN 54x114 64x114 64x124 64x134 54x124 64x124 64x134
Box height [cm]   14
Folded ladder height [cm] K 34
Swing space [cm] R 162 179
Distance after ladder unfolding [cm] C 121 130
Tread length [cm] E 34
Tread width [cm] S 8
Tread thickness [cm] Z 2
Distance between each tread [cm] G 25
1.1 W/(m²K)
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