GIPS adhesive

Average consumption: 3kg for 1m2

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GIPSOLEP is the glue intended for cementing gypsum tiles and other facings in closed spaces. It is characterised by very good adhesion and creates a firm joint. It is especially recommended for gluing the gypsum tiles STEGU.


GIPSOLEP can be applied to any firm base such as: concrete, brick, silicate blocks, chipboards and plates made from cardboard and gypsum. The base must be clean and dry, and grounded, if necessary.


The glue should be tempered in a clean bucket (free from any old glue residue which would cause quicker binding). Pour the glue into water (5 kg of glue to 1,9-2,1 litres of water) and mix it accurately by hand or by means of a mixer. Mix it again after approx. 5 min. The glue should be used up in 45 minutes.


Spread the glue point-wise on the tiles edges (to a thickness of approx. 10 mm) and while pressing a tile against a wall remove the excessive glue which could obstruct joint pointing. Adjustments can be made up to 2 minutes after bonding. The glue gets full strength after completely dry (approx. 5 days at 20° C)


Clean bucket, mixer, and spatula for spreading the glue.


Before gluing it is necessary to perform tests in order to eliminate any unforeseen problems which could appear during the whole operation of gluing.


  • Mixing time: approx. 2 min.
  • Mixing proportion: 1,9-2,1 litres of water to 5 kg of glue
  • Ambient temperature: 5°C – 20°C
  • Consumption of glue: 3 kg for 1 m², at the average
  • Time of consumption: up to 45 min.
  • Time of preliminary binding: 8 hours
  • Total time of binding: min. 5 days
  • frost-resistant and waterproof

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