+ tile with a 10 mm wide and 6 mm deep joint – ca. 2m2/7kg
+ RODOS indoor gypsum tile – ca. 1,5m2/7kg.

15,02 / 7kg inc. VAT, excl. shipping
(12,62 excl. VAT and shipping)

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A professional mortar for pointing clinker, facade tiles and all the outer and inner facings assures durable freeze and water resistant filling, and does not smudge pointed surfaces. It levels emerging of efflorescence on the joint to the minimum


Before pointing we must be sure that the binding material, on which facing was placed on, has been dry. Next, it is indispensable to remove all the remaining and protruding parts, as well as dust filling the joints.


The pointing mortar should be tempered in a clean bucket with a mixer pouring water several times. 7 kilograms of the pointing mortar is tempered in 0,6 – 0,7 L of clean, running water. We mix it up to the moment of emerging homogeneous, wet mass (the pointing mortar must have a consistency of wet sand and can not stick to hands, a globule made of it after a tap must fall into pieces). Not more pointing mortar should be tempered than for 10 – 15 min of work.


With help of pointer (of appropriate width) we press evenly the pointing mortar tightening it strongly and next smoothen it by one steady move. Vertical points may be finished by short pointing (point should not be smoothened several times because there is a possibility of a glass polish appearance). After careful joint bounding, the rest of the point can be removed with a brush. During works the wall must be protected against the sun, and for about 48 hours against rain.


Pointers (joints), a flat or bent sheet metal tray, Mixer (Before getting to work the tools must be clean!)


Adding different amounts of water to the same amount of point will cause differences in colours. Too wet pointing mortar, dirty tools may cause efflorescence. The pointing mortar which settles during pointing on the base should not be used (it will negatively influence joint’s appearance).


  • Mixing time about 3 – 6 min.
  • Mixing proportion 0,6 – 0,7 L of water per 7 kg
  • Groundwork’s temperature +5°C – +25°C
  • Time of usage: to 15 min.
  • Time of initial bounding about 70% of endurance 48 hours
  • Time of complete bounding about 28 days
  • Resistance of set pointing mortar in the temperature from -30°C – +70°C

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