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Flat lintels are made of reinforced cellular concrete and used to execute load-bearing lintels in a building. Height of flat lintel beams is 125 mm. Maximal width of covered hole is 250cm. Depending of wall thickness, the elements are installed as single or multiple ones. In order to achieve a load-bearing lintel the elements should be extended by a layer of blocks.

Dimension [mm] Maximum opening
Length Height Thickness [mm]



1500 1100
2000 1500
2500 2000
3000 2500


Combination of 115mm and 175mm lintels in different wall thicknesses.

Wall Lintel
Thickness 115 mm 175 mm
115 mm 1x -
175 mm - 1x
240 mm 2x -
300 mm 1x 1x
365 mm - 2x
420 mm 2x 1x


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