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Laminated inter glass Triple glazed White

FAKRO FTT-U U6 | wooden, everfinish, high pivot, roof window

✔ Wood | white painted ✔ high pivot ✔ 3-panes ✔ Window U-value: 0.8 W/m²K ✔ Glazing U-value: 0.5 W/m²K
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695,91 inc. VAT, excl. shipping
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875A02 80AU04

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New highly energy-efficient roof window FAKRO FTT U6 is a specialist and innovative structure, ensuring high energy savings and usage comfort. The windows have been designed taking into account the stringent requirements of energy-efficient construction. Superb thermal performance and air-tightness, make them suitable for air-conditioned rooms with mechanical ventilation systems as well as passive buildings. Large window sizes and raised pivot point provide ample light in the loft and unobstructed access to the open window.

Supreme window thermal insulation

Innovative FTT roof window offer very good overall heat-transfer coefficient for the whole window, guaranteeing significant energy savings. They can be widely applied in passive construction. FTT U6 Thermo window installed and supplied with EHV-AT Thermo flashing is characterised by the U value - Uw= 0.71 W/m2K, which makes it the very energy-efficient.

Innovative sash structure

Innovative structure of FTT, have glazing units set in specially designed sash frames with wider wooden profiles in comparison with standard widows. Such design minimises the phenomenon of thermal bridging and ensures improved insulation performance of the window.

Highly energy-efficient glazing units

Double-chamber U6 glazing unit consists of three panes of glass. The external and middle panes are toughened, the internal being laminated (safety glass) class P2A. The whole unit incorporates two layers of low-emission coating and warm TGI spacers. Inter-pane voids are filled with inert gas – argon. Such structured glazing unit offers very good thermal performance Ug=0.5 W/m2K.

Installing large highly energy-efficient FTT windows brings many advantages.

The sizeable glazed area ensures effective lighting of the loft and spacial structure applied insulates the interior, thus protecting the room from cooling. The FTT window allows energy from the sun to be harnessed as the solar radiation can pass through the glazing, even in the winter on sunny days, to provide a radient heating effect in the room. The heat is trapped inside the room as glass with low emission coating prevents it from escaping. For this reason, in the winter, rooms in the loft are partially heated in a natural way.

Comfort of use with unobstructed view outside

FTT windows have specifi c functional properties. These are pivot windows in which axis of rotation of the sash has been raised by 7cm in relation to its geometric centre. Thanks to it, even a tall person can comfortably stand upright by the open window. The opened sash can be stopped anywhere between 0° and 40°, because it is supported by an innovatory assisting mechanism. The mechanism balances the forces resulting from the length diff erences between the upper and lower section of the sash. Large sizes and innovative structural solutions applied in FTT windows, ensure high comfort of use of the loft space.

High window tightness

New FTT windows offer modified locking mechanism without the traditional locking assembly. After turning the handle, the sash is securely locked in two sides of the frame.

System of 5 seals

FTT window is equipped with a quintuple sealing system. The seals are made of flexible TPE material.


  • Special takfönsters intended for energy-efficient and passive construction. The glazing unit is set in a specially designed sash frame. It has wider wooden profiles, compared with a standard window. This design minimizes the phenomenon of thermal bridges and provides better insulation of the window. FTT Thermo U6 window with a heat transfer coefficient of Uw = 0.8 W/m2K. Windows opened via pivot with hinges positioned above the window mid-height, thanks to which even a tall person can comfortably stand upright by the open window. Special window structure utilising wider sash frames and quadruple sealing system.
  • Easy washing the external glass and fastening awning blind thanks to a special bolt which blocks the sash when rotated through 180°.
  • Increased burglary-resistance – topSafe system.

Technical specification of the FAKRO FTT roof windows

FTT roof windowsFTT/U roof windows
Inside color / outside color:
Natural (wood)
Grey (RAL 7022)
White (NCS S 0502-Y)
Grey (RAL 7022)
Pine wood coated with 2 layers of transparent lacquerPine wood coated with 3 layers of polyurethane varnish
FAKRO roof window name:
Window U-value [W/m2K]:
Uw = 0,58Uw = 0,80Uw = 0,81Uw = 0,58Uw = 0,80Uw = 0,81
Acoustic insulation [dB]:
Rw = 36 (-2;-5)Rw = 38 (-1;-4)Rw = 42 (-2;-4)Rw = 36 (-2;-5)Rw = 38 (-1;-4)Rw = 42 (-2;-4)
Glazing type and glazing U-value:
Quadruple glazing U8
Triple glazing U6
Triple glazing R3
Quadruple glazing U8
Triple glazing U6
Triple glazing R3
Inner glass:
4 mm2x 3mm, laminated (class P2A)2x 3mm, laminated (class P2A)4 mm2x 3mm, laminated (class P2A)2x 3mm, laminated (class P2A)
External glass:
4 mm, toughened4 mm, toughened4 mm, toughened4 mm, toughened4 mm, toughened4 mm, toughened
Inert gas filled panes:
Warm TGIWarm TGIWarm TGIWarm TGIWarm TGIWarm TGI
Air inlet type (air flow [m3/h]):
Installation range (roof slope) :
15° - 70°15° - 70°15° - 70°15° - 70°15° - 70°15° - 70°

Roof windows

  • Wood | white painted
  • high pivot
Window U-value:
0.8 W/m²K
Glazing U-value:
0.5 W/m²K

Fakro FTT roof window leaflet (Fakro_FTT_leaflet.pdf, 520 Kb) [Download]

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