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The new windows Skyfens SUPRO Triple


Skylight SUPRO Triple and SUPRO Triple Thermo are the latest products of the company Skyfens (former SkyLight), which are characterized by triple glazing, increased pivot point and improved hardware. The parameters of both windows can be found in the table below.

The new multi-chamber plastic sash profile reinforced with steel cores, together with triple glazing, provides excellent thermal properties. Thus, the skylight is warm and insensitive to moisture and temperature fluctuations. The use of 4 gaskets guarantees excellent tightness of the skylight. The outer pane of the glazing is made of tempered glass, which is resistant to mechanical damage (hail, etc.). The quality of the windows is confirmed by a long warranty (5 years for seals and fittings, 10 years for the window and 15 years for the glazing packages).

SUPRO Triple/ SUPRO Triple Thermo model is an excellent choice for those who appreciate comfort, aesthetics, quality and at the same time affordable price. These windows are ideal for any room and are especially recommended for kitchens, bathrooms and laundry rooms, i.e. places with at least periodic high humidity. But, of course, they can be used universally everywhere, including living rooms, children's rooms, offices, etc.

Main features:

  • Energy-saving 3-pane package
  • Warm edge TGI Swisspacer
  • A straight PVC profile
  • Raised pivot axis as standard
  • An innovative drainage system
  • New frame hinge
  • Easier opening thanks to gas springs
  • Stability of the opened window
  • 2 positions of passive ventilation
  • Installation in roofs with a roof pitch of 15-75°
  • Silver glazing bead emphasizes the modern style of the roof window
  • Quick assembly. Easier glass replacement

New triple glazing

The new thermal windows in the SUPRO Triple variant are equipped with a 48 mm thick 3-pane package and a so-called warm edge (TGI Swisspacer), ensuring very good thermal parameters. This is also confirmed by the window's heat transfer coefficient of Uw= 1.1 W/m²K (SUPRO Triple Thermo) or Uw= 1.2 W/m²K (SUPRO Triple). In addition, in the event of damage to one of the panes, these roof windows make it possible to replace the glazing package separately, instead of having to replace the entire sash, as was previously the case!

Querschnitt durch das Supro-Fensterverglasungspaket

SUPRO Triple skylight 3-pane package

Standard elevated axis of rotation

Thanks to the innovatively raised pivot axis to 3/4 of the frame height, the sash of the SUPRO Triple/ SUPRO Triple Thermo window hardly protrudes into the interior when opened and thus takes up almost no space. The design thus ensures free and safe access to the open window in the upright position and is characterized by better functionality and greater ease of use.


Innovative drainage system

Skyfens has addressed the problem of accumulating condensation in the window frame and cleverly left openings in the new roof windows SUPRO Triple, through which moisture and condensation can drain. These openings are located on the outside and are, of course, especially useful in winter, when condensation occurs due to the large temperature differences inside and outside.

New drive

Skyfens has reacted to the somewhat sluggish opening of the SkyLight roof windows and has installed a support by a gas pressure spring in the new SUPRO Triple roof windows. This new type of drive facilitates the ease of use enormously and makes the opening and closing of the skylight much easier and more pleasant.


Improved frame hinge

A new type of arm hinge has been developed for the SUPRO Triple Thermo. This increases the safety, durability and functionality of the window for many years and facilitates installation (compared to the previous Skyfens roof windows).

Advantages of the new frame hinge

  • Adjustment of the hinge position without disassembly of the hinge-arm-wing unit,
  • Assembly of the frame hinges without tools,
  • Strength is provided by the steel shell, while the semi-rectangular "L" shape ensures that the screws are properly positioned for fastening,
  • The innovative locking mechanism prevents the pin from falling out,
  • Easy assembly of the arm attached to the wing thanks to the appropriately selected geometry of the bolts and holes.

The SUPRO Triple Thermo skylight hardware does not require any additional maintenance. However, we recommend spray lubrication of the seals before the winter season.

New grip indentation

The SUPRO window has a new handle recess, which now allows two passive ventilation positions, instead of one as before. The handle can thus be locked in 2 positions, allowing better adaptation of ventilation performance to the needs of the user.

neue Griffkuhle von Skyfens Supto Triple ermöglicht bessere Anpassung der Lüftungsleistung

Skyfens SUPRO Triple grip recess


In the design of the new SUPRO Triple roof windows, attention was also paid to the interaction of appearance and functionality. A silver glazing bead emphasizes the modernity. The sheeting of the skylight has also been adapted by rounding the corners, which on the one hand aesthetically enhances the skylight. On the other hand, this redesign also ensures less wear and tear on the seal, as contact with the sheet metal is now much gentler.


New types of mounting anchors are used, with a longitudinal hole and a retaining claw, which significantly facilitate the positioning of the skylight in the roof.

The installation of the flashing has been simplified. It is enough to lift the frame seal of the skylight, then insert the flashing and finally press it on with the seal tilted back. Please see the video with the assembly at the bottom of this page.


Technical parameters - comparison of SUPRO Triple and SUPRO Triple Thermo

Technical parameters Skyfens SUPRO Triple Skyfens SUPRO Triple Thermo
Thermal transmittance window Uw: 1,2 W/m²K 1,1 W/m²K
Thermal transmittance glass Ug: 0,5 W/m²K 0,5 W/m²K
Sound insulation: 32 dB 32 dB
Disc packet: Double chambers (triple glazing) Double chambers (triple glazing)
Space between panes filled with inert gas: Argon Argon
Outside panes: 4 mm, ESG 4 mm, ESG
Interior panes: 4 mm 4 mm
Total thickness of the glass package: 48 mm 48 mm
Air permeability: Class 4 Class 4
Light transmission: τv = 0,74 τv = 0,74
Resistance to wind load: Class 4 Class 4
Waterproofing: Class E1200 Class E1200
Number of seals: 4 4
Exterior color: Gray, RAL 7022 Gray, RAL 7022
Installation in roof pitch: 15-75° 15-75°
Warranty: 10 years 10 years

Roofing frame for skylights from Skyfens

The flashing is an indispensable element for proper installation of a plastic roof window into the roof surface. Also for the installation of SkyLight roof windows flashings are needed to connect the plastic window with the roof. For this purpose, the manufacturer provides various flashings.

Color of the flashing in classic gray, RAL 7043 or optional brown RAL 8019. It directs rain and melt water around the window and also protects it from wind. Only with the help of a flashing can ensure an absolutely tight connection between plastic skylight and roof.

There are also matching blackout blinds for light and heat regulation of SkyLight windows. Both the flashing and the roller blinds can be ordered conveniently in the store.

Mounting instructions:


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