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Atlas GEOFLEX highly flexible gel adhesive (C2TE, 2-10 mm)

12,33 / 25 kg inc. VAT, excl. shipping
(10,36 excl. VAT and shipping)

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The main characteristics

  • no slip or full spreading beneath a tile
  • foot traffic and grouting just after 12 hours
  • for floating, thin- and thick-coat application
  • for difficult substrates, inc. concrete, terrazzo, old tiles and OSB

Unique gel technology

The siliceous gel offers exceptional ability of water retention. It fills the pores formed at the stage of adhesive setting by the net of inorganic bindings. The accumulation of mixing water ensures full cement hydration, regardless the cladding type in use. Owing to the appropriate water management, which is necessary for the binding process completion, gel adhesive assures full adhesion to substrates of various absorptiveness level.


  • possibility of fixing cladding of any type, both absorbable and non-absorbable
  • possibility of optimum adaptation of the adhesive consistency to individual contractor’s preferences and actual needs resulting from particular use, by dosing water within a range much wider than in case of traditional adhesives,
  • safe cladding fixing on substrates exposed to direct sunshine, both during tiling and the adhesive setting (e.g. on balconies, terraces, etc.),
  • full adhesive spreading beneath the tiles, which improves adhesion and bond durability, particularly in case of outdoor use.


Wide range of adhesive thickness (2-15 mm) enables:

  • thin-coat cladding fixing on even substrates,
  • thin-coat cladding fixing on uneven substrates, preceded by substrate floating,
  • thick-coat cladding fixing on uneven substrates, with no need of substrate floating.

No cladding slip – enables fixing the cladding “from the top” with no need of support at the fixing stage.
Foot traffic and grouting just after 12 hours  - owing to accelerated adhesive setting and drying process.

Fixing ceramic and stone cladding.

Glazed tiles +
Terracotta +
Porcelain-gres tiles +
Marble/ natural stone cladding insusceptible to discolouration
Fliesen aus Marmor / Naturstein1
Clinker +
Stone +
Ceramic mosaic +
Glass mosaic * +
Glass tiles * +
Concrete/ cement tiles +
Laminated porcelain-gres tiles Use ATLAS PLUS
Composite panels
Insulation and acoustic panels

1 if in doubt conduct an application test.


Fixing small, medium and large size claddings.

Small and medium size tiles (< 0.1 m²) +
Large size tiles (< 0.25 m²) +
Very large size tiles (> 0.25 m²) Use ATLAS PLUS
Slim-type tiles


Fixing the cladding on horizontal and vertical surfaces, indoors and outdoors.

Residential +
Public access, healthcare +
Commercial and service +
Sacral +
Industrial construction Atlas Plus verwenden
Industrial warehouses
Kitchen, bathroom, laundry, garage +
Terraces, balconies, loggia +
Showers, washes, rooms washed with plenty of water +
Communication routes +
Rooms of small and medium operational loads in any building type +
Façades (incl. ETICS systems) Use ATLAS PLUS
Technological tanks, pools, fountains, jacuzzi, balneotechnology (with no aggressive chemicals in use)
IDrinking water reservoirs
Sauna, SPA


Fixing the cladding on standard substrates.

Cement screeds and mortars +
Anhydrite screeds +
Cement, cement-lime and gypsum plasters +
Walls made of cellular concrete +
Walls made of silicate brick or hollow blocks +
Floors made of wood, OSB, dry gypsum screed +
Steel, plastic substrates +


Fixing the cladding on deformable substrates or, so called, difficult substrates.

Concrete +

Elastic and rigid damp proofing, e.g. WODER S, WODER E, WODER W or WODER DUO
Magnesium substrates +
Dry substrates made of gypsum boards +
Screeds (cement and anhydrite) with water and electric heating system embedded +
Screeds with heating mats embedded in the adhesive +
Gypsum blocks +
Plasters with wall heating system +
Plasterboards +
Gypsum-fibre boards +
Cement-fibre boards +
Existing ceramic and stone cladding (“tile on tile”) [indoors only] +
Concrete resin lacquers bonded with the substrate +
Dispersion, oil paints bonded with the substrate +
Mineral, dispersion and reactive sealing coats +
Wooden floors (thick. >25 mm) +
OSB/3 and OSB/4 and chipboards on floors (thick. >25 mm) +
OSB/3 and OSB/4 and chipboards on walls (thick. >18 mm) +
Metal and steel surfaces Use ATLAS PLUS
Plastic surfaces
Mastic asphalt screeds



ATLAS GEOFLEX is manufactured as a dry mix of the highest quality cement binder, aggregates and specially selected modifying agents: natural and synthetic.

Technical data
Mass bulk density (after mixing) ca. 1,60 kg/dm3
Mixing proportions (water/dry mix) 0.26 – 0.33L per 1 kg
6.50 – 8.25L per 25 kg
Min./max. bed thickness 2 mm / 15 mm
Adhesive preparation temperature, substrate
and ambient temperature during work
from +5°C to +35°C
Maturing time 5 minutes
Pot life* aprrox. 4 hours
Open time* min. 30 minutes
Tile adjustment time* 20 minutes
Floor access/ Grouting* after 12 hours

Full load – foot traffic*
after 3 days
Full load – vehicle traffic* after 14 days
Floor heating (warm surface)* after. 14 days

The time shown in the table is recommended for the application in the temperature 23°C and humidity 55% (approx.).


Atlas Geoflex conforms to PN-EN 12004 + A1:2012 standard for C2TE class adhesive. EC Declaration of Performance No. 186/CPR.

Technische Anforderungen
0767, 1614
PN-EN 12004 + A1:2012
(EN 12004:2007 + A1:2012)
Cement-based adhesive of enhanced parameters,
extended open time and reduced slip
C2TE type

for indoor and outdoor use,
for walls and floors

Reaction to fire – class

Adhesion strength
- initial adhesion
≥1.0 N/mm²
Durability - adhesion after:
- thermal ageing
- water immersion
- freeze-thaw cycles

≥ 1.0 N/mm²
≥ 1.0 N/mm²
≥ 1.0 N/mm²
Open time - tensile adhesion after time not shorter than 30 minutes ≥ 0.5 N/mm²
Slip ≤ 0.5 mm
Release - hazardous substances See: Safety Data Sheet

The product has been given the Radiation Hygiene Certificate.

Type of adhesive:
  • Improved cementitious (C2)
  • Reduced slip (T)
  • Extendend open time (E)
Place of assembly:
  • Floors
  • Walls
  • Kitchen, bathroom, laundry, garage
  • Terraces
  • Balconies, loggias
  • Elevations (including insulation systems)
  • Cladding of building plinths
  • Showers, car washes, etc.
Types of buildings:
  • Housing
  • Public facilities
  • Commercial and service facilities
Type of tile:
  • Glazing tiles
  • Terracotta
  • Gres-porcelain
  • Clinker
  • Stoneware wall tiles
  • Ceramic mosaic
  • Concrete tiles, cement mortar tiles
Size of tile:
  • up to 0,1 m2
  • up to 0,25 m2
Layer thickness:
2 - 15mm

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