Atlas ULTRAGRUNT | quick drying primer for critical substrates

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ATLAS ULTRAGRUNT is a ready–mix mass manufactured on basis of polymer resins with addition of selected quartz aggregate, characterised by excellent bonding to non – absorbable and perfectly smooth substrates.
It is recommended for preparation of substrates beneath ceramic and stone cladding, beneath self-levelling masses: ATLAS SMS and ATLAS SAM.

  • next step just after 4 hours
  • improves bonding, contains quartz aggregate
  • on concrete, terrazzo, ceramic tiles, OSB boards
  • beneath adhesives for ceramic and stone cladding
  • Ambient and substrate temperature during application: from +5 ºC to +35 ºC


  • For indoors, outdoors, on horizontal surfaces, on vertical surfaces
  • Excellent bonding to non – absorbable and perfectly smooth substrates – bonding to concrete min. 1.0 MPa.
  • Addition of selected quartz aggregate improves bonding of subsequent coats – owing to greater effective surface between substrate and applied material.
  • For use in higher temperature – recommended for indoor and outdoor use at temperature from +5°C up to +35°C
  • For difficult substrate types: monolithic concrete, ferroconcrete, wet cast slabs, cement floors and screeds with heating system, anhydrite screeds with heating system, terrazzo, existing ceramic and stone cladding, existing ceramic and stone cladding, non-grinded OSB boards, wood-based construction boards, plasterboards, gypsum-fibre boards, stable plastic flooring, steel substrates
  • Recommended for preparation of substrates beneath ceramic and stone cladding: ceramic and stone cladding fixed with cement adhesives, gypsum cladding and molding fixed with gypsum adhesives, cement floors and screeds, anhydrite screeds, cement, cement – lime, gypsum plasters, cement, gypsum finishing coats.


The average consumption is 0.3 kg of mass for 1 m².


Plastic containers: 5 kg
Pallet: 400 kg in 5 kg containers.




(DE) Technische Daten (ultragrunt_td_de.pdf, 83 Kb) [Download]

(EN) Technical Data (ultragrunt_td_en.pdf, 75 Kb) [Download]

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