Atlas Uni-Grunt |fast drying priming emulsion

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ATLAS UNI GRUNT is an impregnating sealer for priming, manufactured on the basis of the finest quality water dispersion of polymer resins.

  • reinforces absorptive substrates of any type
  • high yield, quick-drying
  • decreases and unifies substrate absorptiveness
  • for application in temperature up to +30°C
  • improves bonding to the substrate
  • underneath floors and screeds
  • underneath adhesives, plasters, top finishes, paints


  • Very short time of drying
  • Reinforces top surface of primed mineral substrates – penetrates into material structure, reinforces it and improves its load-bear capacity.
  • Prevents “taking in” excessive amount of water from the layer applied upon the substrate – limits the absorption of the substrate.
  • Improves yield of paints, top finishes and adhesives – increases yield of materials used for the next layer application, reduces their consumption by sealing structure of a primed substrate.
  • Creates temporary protective layers on subfloors – improves the resistance of the floor to dust deposition, facilitates its cleaning (must not be considered as the final finishing layer).
  • Facilitates application of the next layers – painting coats, adhesives, top finishes and fillers, floors and self-levelling screeds, adhesives for carpets, wallpapers, adhesives for thermal insulation etc.
  • Decreases substrate absorptivity
  • Bonds non-stable substrates
  • For application with a roller, a brush or with a sprayer.
  • Transparent, solvent-free and water-soluble – product is colourless after drying, does not cause substrate discolouration.

Kinds of primed substrates:

  • cement floors and screeds, cement and cement-lime plasters and top finishes, walls made of cellular concrete
  • walls made of brick or silicate blocks, walls made of brick or ceramic hollow blocks
  • cement floors and screeds with floor heating, magnesium screeds
  • cladding fixed with cement or gypsum adhesive, mineral waterproofing, cement floors and screeds, anhydride screeds
  • cement, cement-lime, gypsum plasters, gypsum, cement top finishes
  • painting coats made of indoor acrylic and latex paints, wallpapers


The average consumption is 0.05 ÷ 0.2 kg of emulsion for 1 m².

In practice, the consumption depends on the substrate absorptiveness.


Plastic containers: 5 kg
Pallet: 540 kg in 5 kg containers.



(EN) Technical Data (uni_grunt_td_en.pdf, 217 Kb) [Download]

(DE) Technische Daten (uni_grunt_td_de.pdf, 178 Kb) [Download]

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