ATLAS UNI-GRUNT ULTRA | deep-penetrating priming emulsion

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Substrates primed with ATLAS UNI GRUNT ULTRA have decreased and unified absorptivity, which ensures adhesion of the wide range of layers. Emulsion penetrates into the substrate, bonds aggregate grains and reinforces primed layer. Special pigment contained in product colours the substrate, which enables to control the work progress, while the primer is still wet and when it dries – the colour does not decrease ability for covering of painting coats.

The main characteristics

  • Ultra efficiency: one 5 kg packaging of ATLAS UNI-GRUNT ULTRA is sufficient for priming:
    • 50 m2 of floor prior to the application of self-levelling mass
    • 115 m2 of plaster prior to the application of top coat, installation of ceramic cladding,
    • 150 m2 of substrate prepared for painting
  • significantly improves adhesion to the substrate
  • decreases and unifies substrate absorptiveness
  • underneath adhesives, plasters, top coats, paints
  • indoor and outdoor use, horizontal and vertical surfaces
  • Substrate and ambient temperature during work: from +5 ºC up to +30 º
  • Further work after priming (depending on substrate type):
    • after 15 minutes – plasters, silicate hollow blocks, aerated concrete blocks
    • after 2 hours – self-levelling floors


  • Improves setting conditions of mortars – contributes to reaching design parameters by the latter.
  • Strengthens the surface of primed mineral substrates – permeates the surface, strengthens it and strengthens and improves its load capacity.
  • Prevents “taking in” excessive amount of water from the layer applied upon the substrate – limits the absorption of the substrate.
  • Unifies the absorption of the whole primed surface – the applied layer has similar setting conditions, irrespective of local changes in the substrate parameters.
  • Creates temporary protective layers on subfloors – improves the resistance of the floor to dust deposition, facilitates its cleaning (must not be considered as the final finishing layer).
  • Increases the yield of paints, finishing coats and adhesives – by sealing the structure of the primed surface, it increases the yield of materials used for the execution of the next layer.

Kinds of primed substrates:

  • walls, floors, ceilings, for indoor and outdoor use.
  • rough walls of all kinds of brick, blocks, hollow brick, as well as concrete and anhydrite subfloors;
  •  wood-based substrates, plasterboards, polymer top coats,
  • painting coats made of interior acrylic paints
  • renovated substrates, coated with floats and paints
  • existing ceramic and stone cladding


Average consumption of ATLAS UNI-GRUNT ULTRA:

  • 0,1 kg/m² underneath self-levelling screeds,
  • 0,043 kg/m² underneath top coats, adhesives for ceramic cladding,
  • 0,033 kg/m² underneath paints.

In practice consumption depends on substrate absorptivity level.


Plastic containers: 4 kg
Pallet: 594 kg in 4 kg containers.



(EN) Technical Data (grunt_ultra_td_en.pdf, 581 Kb) [Download]

(DE) Technische Daten (grunt_ultra_td_de.pdf, 672 Kb) [Download]

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