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Extruded polystyrene foam, XPS 30 (λ ≥ 0,03, CS ≥ 300)

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Minimum quantity for "Extruded polystyrene foam, XPS 30 (λ ≥ 0,03, CS ≥ 300)" is 15.

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The XPS extruded polystyrene is a modern insulating material. Thanks to its closed-cell internal structure, it demonstrates a number of unique features, which are particularly adaptable in the construction industry. The XPS extruded polystyrene is characterised by very good thermal insulation, resistance to humidity impact and high strength. XPS is a homogeneous construction material, characterised by a smooth surface and a structure made of small, closed cells. This structure makes it an ideal product for numerous thermal-insulating applications.

XPS is a thermo insulating material, which has been given a shape of a board in the process of extrusion and direct blowing. It is low density foam of specific small cell structure. Product does not contain flame retardant. It is manufactured from polystyrene resin, the raw material safe for your human health and approved for use in contact with food. Product does not contain blowing agents like CFCs, (chlorfluorcarbons), HCFCs (hydrochlorfluorcarbons) or HFCs (hydrofluorcarbons).

Area of application

  • perimeter insulation of walls below ground level
  • insulation of floors and floorings
  • insulation of strip footings and slab foundations
  • insulation of inverted and classical flat-roofs
  • insulation of transportation routes and parking lots
  • insulation of railways and tramways
  • insulation of terraces, loggias and balconies
  • insulation of elements of agricultural, utility and livestock buildings
  • insulation of places where cold bridges may appear
  • formwork
  • other thermo insulation application in construction with the accordance to the local regulations and standards


Excellent thermal conductivity coefficient

  • Closed-cell structure
  • Very low water absorption
  • High compressive strength
  • Easy assembling of the boards
  • Suitable for complete recycling
  • Due to presence of air inside the cells, thermo insulating properties do not deteriorate in time, moreover they improve while ambient temperature decrease (due to thermal conductivity coefficient value decrease)

Storage and maintanance

XPS boards should be stored in free of flammable and of volatile compounds, ventilated buildings, best covered with a roof, in order to keep the boards from degradation of their surface and internal structure by the intensive sun. In case of long-term outside storage, the boards should be protected against the sun with a light-colour material. Heat sources of temperature above 75°C can melt, distort or degrade structure while in contact with XPS boards, the same way as all polystyrene-made products. XPS boards, the same way as all polystyrene-made products are flammable. In the case of exposure to open fire they can rapidly burn. That is way for each step of handling with XPS, boards should not be exposed to open fire or any different heat source.


XPS boards cannot be used in direct contact with substances which act destructively on polystyrene (e.g. organic solvents like acetone, benzol, nitro-solvents…) or different specimen containing such organic compounds. For that reason it is recommended to use for assembling solventfree adhesives. Before use one should check if the adhesive is dedicated for polystyrene foam. Assembling at low temperatures requires providing adequate spacing between the boards in order to maintain proper dilatation. Producer does not declare keeping dimensional stability by XPS in conditions of temperature higher than 70° C, and at the same time ambient humidity level higher than 95%.

Characteristics XPS 30
Edge finishing - I (Square), L (Half-lapped), N (Tongue and groove) I, L, N *
Surface Glatt (I, L, N) oder Gerippt (IR)
Density ρ [kg/m³] 30 - 39
Format [m] * 1,25x0,6
Reaction to fire [Euroclass] F
Thermal conductivity coefficient (10 °C) λ [W/(mK)] ** ≥0,033
Declared thermal insulation Rd [m²K / W] ** 1,15
Declared compressive stress or compressive strength at 10% deformation σ10 [kPa] ≥ 300
Average achieved long term water absorption Wlt [%] ** ≤ 0,30


Thickness Pcs / package m2 / package Packages / Pallet m2 / pallet m3 / pallet m3 / pallete Pallet’s height
20 20 15,00 12 180 0,3 3,60 2,48
30 14 10,50 12 126 0,315 3,78 2,60
40 10 7,50 12 90 0,3 3,60 2,48
50 8 6,00 12 72 0,3 3,60 2,48
60 7 5,25 12 63 0,315 3,78 2,60
70 6 4,50 12 54 0,315 3,78 2,60
80 5 3,75 12 45 0,3 3,60 2,48
100 4 3,00 12 36 0,3 3,60 2,48
120 4 3,00 10 30 0,36 3,60 2,48
140 3 2,25 12 27 0,315 3,78 2,60
150 3 2,25 10 22,5 0,3375 3,38 2,33
160 3 2,25 10 22,5 0,36 3,60 2,48
Thermal conductivity:
Compressive stress by 10% relative deformation:
300 kPa
Fire resistance:
Euroclass F



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