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Finding out the right size

The size (e.g. 78/118) refers to the outer dimensions of the roof window! The blind itself is smaller.

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FAKRO ZSZ | Rod for operating awning blinds for FAKRO roof windows FAKRO ZSZ | Rod for operating awning blinds for FAKRO roof windows 12,75 inc. VAT, excl. shipping (10,71 excl. VAT and shipping)

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The awning blind for FAKRO roof windows:

  • provides optimum protection from overheating while, at the same time providing a view to the outside;
  • reflects sun rays before they reach the glass and thus protects against heat build-up on sunny days;
  • provides relief for the eyes and protection from the harmful effects of strong reflected light, which is especially important when working with computers.

The awning blind for OptiLight and FAKRO roof windows is made of durable, weather-resistant fibre glass fabric. The fabric is roller mounted, spring loaded and fitted inside an aluminium casing which is installed at the top of the window. This enables easy control of the blind and makes it possible to use a wider fabric, thus providing additional protection against ingress of light.
To control the blind an 80cm long rod is supplied in package. There is also available a rod ZSZ which is 150 cm long.

Important note about compatibility with FAKRO roof windows

This awning blind is designed for FAKRO centre-pivot and top-hung-and-pivot windows. For roof windows FEP, FKP and FKU FAKRO provides THIS VERSION OF AWNING BLIND.

Characteristic of the awning blind for FAKRO roof windows:

  • the best protection from the heat;
  • effective shading of the room whilst still allowing some light in;
  • comfortable use – we can cover the window for a whole summer without the need to roll it up and down every day;
  • easy installation – we install the blind from the inside (unscrew four screws and then rescrew them again in the same holes);
  • protection from harmful UV radiation,when used in rainy weather, reduces noise of rain and hailstones.

How to check size of FAKRO roof window?

The size of e.g. 78x118 cm applies to roof window's size! The blind itself is smaller. Window's size can be found on the nameplate located at the top of the window. There is no need to measeure the window. Just read the size from the nameplate and order accessories in the corresponding size.

Available fabrics of awning blind for FAKRO roof windows:

  • relative fabric transparency = 10%

  • relative fabric transparency = 1%

How to mount awning blind on FAKRO roof window:

  • OptiLight
  • Aron
  • Artens
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nach langem suchen einer passenden markise, haben wir diese firma gefunden und waren umfassend zufrieden (Preis, Versandt, Service)
Einfache montage bei Fakro Fenster.Passt sogar auf Velux Fenster,2-3 kleine Löcher in Eindeckrahmen bohren für die Befestigung.Der Sonnenschutz Test steht noch aus,weil ich den Sonnenschutz im Februar montiert habe.
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Bevor wir sie hatten, hatten wir regelmäßig Temperaturen jenseits der 28 Grad im Zimmer (alles neu isoliert). Seid der Installation der Markisen bleibt das Thermometer immer unter 25 Grad, auch in diesem Super-Sommer 2018.
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