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FAKRO FTS-V U2 | wooden, central-pivot, double-glazed roof window with ventilation

✔ Wood | clear lacquered ✔ centre-pivot (bottom handle) ✔ 2-panes ✔ Window U-value: 1.3 W/m²K ✔ Glazing U-value: 1.1 W/m²K


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Flashings for FAKRO roof window Flashings for FAKRO roof window
Note: Only in the thermo version there is an option to choose a flashing for tiled coverings up to 90mm
Choose the roofing material, making sure that your window will be completely weathertight
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The FAKRO FTS-V U2 roof window is a very popular built-in window produced by Fakro. The pivot window is made of first-class, laminated and vacuum impregnated pine wood, which is protected with a single layer of acrylic lacquer. It is opened with a handle on the underside of the sash and can be fixed in 2 positions. Simply swinging the window sash through 180° into a lockable cleaning position makes it easier to clean the glass on both sides. FAKRO windows have up to 6% larger glass surface compared to roof windows of similar size from other manufacturers, allowing better illumination of the interior.

The FTS-V U2 pivot window is equipped with the V22 ventilation system, which ensures a constant, finely adjustable flow of fresh air even when the roof window is closed, while at the same time providing good sound insulation and filtration properties. This ensures a healthy microclimate in the attic without restricting the effective light area. The performance of the continuous ventilation depends on the pressure difference between the interior and exterior and reaches a value of up to 31m³/h, depending on the size of the roof window.



  • Manufactured from first-class, vacuum impregnated pine wood with a single layer of acrylic lacquer
  • The handle at the bottom of the window ensures easy and convenient operation of the window. Ventilation position possible in 2 lockable positions.
  • Approved roof pitch 15° - 90°, installation with appropriate flashing
  • Wide range of convenient interior and exterior accessories, identical to those for pivot windows
    10-year guarantee

Insulating glazing U2

Double glazing with 1-chamber system 4H-St16Ar-4T3. The outer pane consists of 4 mm toughened single pane safety glass; the space between the panes is filled with inert gas (argon). The inner pane consists of 4 mm float glass with a vaporization layer.

Flashing (to be purchased separately)

The flashing is an indispensable element for the proper installation of a roof window in the roof surface. It guides rain and melt water around the window and also protects it from the wind. The flashing is the only way to ensure an absolutely tight connection between the roof window and the roof.

Technical parameters

Technical specification: FAKRO FTS-V U2
Window U-value: 1,3 W/m²K
Glazing U-value: 1,1 W/m²K
Rw coefficient: 32 dB
Glazing: 4H – 16 – 4T
Warm TGI spacers: -
External glass with easy maintenace layer: -
Inert gas filled with panes:     Argon
External glass toughened: +
Air inlet type: V22
Air inlet air flow: up to 31 m³/h
Varnishing: one time
Number of seals: 2
Multi-point opening: +
Handle: Standard
Interior color: Pine
Exterior color: Grey, RAL 7022
Installation range: 15-90°
Warranty: 10 years

Roof windows

Standard Plus
  • Wood | clear lacquered
  • centre-pivot (bottom handle)
Window U-value:
1.3 W/m²K
Glazing U-value:
1.1 W/m²K

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