Solar-powered blackout blind VELUX DSL

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For some items of the solar blackout blinds (DSL) from Velux, it is possible to make you a more attractive offer in terms of price:
  • DSL MK04 4577S (Color: Taupe, channels: Aluminium)
  • DSL MK04 1100SWL (Color: Blue, channels: white)
  • DSL MK04 1085S (Color: Beige, channels: Aluminium)
  • DSL MK06 4556SWL (Color: Sand, channels: white)
  • DSL S06 0705SWL (Color: Grey, channels: white)
  • DSL SK06 1025S (Color: White, channels: Aluminium)
  • DSL SK06 4580SWL (Color: Light taupe, channels: white)
  • DSL SK06 4556SWL (Color: Sand, channels: white)
Please contact us by e-mail, stating the respective roller blind.

VELUX blackout roller blinds DSL darken every room - day and night. They are ideal for bedrooms and children's rooms and ensure that you and your family can sleep well. Harmonious color schemes also create a pleasant climate. The fabric runs between two side thin rails, which prevents light from entering, and it can be positioned in the window with no steps. Operation is particularly easy and comfortable. And when the roller blind is not needed, it disappears in a slim box at the top of the window. Solar powered and remote operated.

Simplify your home living with VELUX INTEGRA® solar powered blinds and shutters. They come with a ready to use remote wall switch fast and easy installation and operation. Select solar powered VELUX INTEGRA® blinds and shutters for your manual or solar powered VELUX roof window. Installation is easy with no need to run cables.

If necessary, the solar-powered roller shutter can also be operated manually. The battery charged by solar energy is able to store enough energy to perform up to 600 work cycles, even in the absence of sunlight to charge the battery.

  • blocks out almost 99,9% of incoming light
  • solar powered
  • slim, elegant rails
  • easy operating with remote control
  • OEKO-TEX® certificate
  • possibility of choosing between white or brushed aluminum side rails
  • a variety of trendy and classic colours


Standard colors
0705 | Grey 1025 | White 1085 | Beige 1100 | Blue
Premium colors
3009 | Black 4556 | Sand 4559 | Dark brown 4564 | Orange
New collection (2021)
4574 | Warm Grey 4575 | Dusty Green 4576 | Light Blue 4577 | Taupe
4578 | Soft Rose 4579 | Natural 4580 | Light Taupe 4581 | Dark Petrol

How to check the window's size


Easy installation

Installing VELUX blinds requires no measuring, trimming, cutting or extra tools. They are made for a perfect fit, and everything you need is included in the blind package. Your VELUX windows have pre-installed mounting brackets for your blinds. Simply click on the original VELUX blind and add the pre-fitted side rails.


VELUX glazing technical data

Glazing (--51) (--61) (--64) (--70) (--68) (--66) (--62) (--62D) (--67) (--69) (--70Q) (--82) (--15)
Thermal transmittance
1.0 0.6 0.6 1.0 0.7 0.6 0.5 1.0 0.5 0.7 1.0 0.3 0.7
Amount of
1 2 2 1 2 2 2 1 2 2 1 4 2
Warm TGI spacer
Inert gas
filled panes
Argon Argon Argon Argon Argon Argon Krypton Krypton Krypton Argon Argon Krypton Argon
outer pane
Laminated opaque
inner pane
Safety class X X X P2A P2A P2A P2A P2A P2A P2A P4A P2A P2A
Ornamental X X X X X X X X X X X X X
Enhanced noise
Anti-dew effect X X X X X X X X X
Sound insulation
Rw (dB)
31 32 35 35 35 37 42 44 38 35 35 37 35

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