Atlas Silkon ANX | primer under silicone renders

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Primes substrates for ATLAS SILKON thin-coat renders.
Increases adhesion – strongly adheres to the substrate and the applied renders.
Limits the absorbability of the substrate – prevents excessive transfer of water from the freshly applied renders into the substrate.
Facilitates the execution of the next layer – the rough surfaces reduces “slip” of the applied render.
Creates temporary protective layer for the façade – protects the bare façade against weather conditions for half a year.

The main characteristics

  • ensures ideal adhesion of the render
  • reduces absorbability and strengthens the substrate
  • facilitates render application and texture forming
  • unifies the substrate colour
  • vapour permeable

The main parameters:

  • consumption: ca. 0,3 kg / m²
  • adhesion: > 1.0 MPa

Types of substrates

  • concrete, 
  • traditional plasters on walls of bricks, blocks, or ceramic, 
  • cellular concrete or silicate hollow bricks, 
  • plasterboards,
  • thermal insulation systems with EPS, XPS and mineral wool.


Contains aggregate – increases the adhesion owing to significant development of the effective surface between the layers (creates rough surface).
Protects the substrate against adverse effects caused by the new layer – constitutes a chemical barrier between the substrate and the render, limiting their interaction - limits colour penetration from the substrate and occurrence of stains on the surface of the render.
High adhesion – min. 1.0 MPa to concrete.

Technical requirements

ATLAS SILKON ANX is included in the following approvals of thermal insulation systems:

System name Technical Approval No. Certificate No.
ATLAS ETA 06/0081 EC No. 1488-CPD-0021
ATLAS XPS ETA 07/0316 EC No. 1488-CPD-0075
ATLAS ROKER ETA 06/0173 EC No. 1488-CPD-0036
ATLAS ROKER AT-15-2930/2012 FPC-ITB-0436/Z
ATLAS ETICS AT-15-9090/2014 FPC-ITB-0562/Z
ATLAS ROKER G AT-15-7314/2011 FPC-ITB-0222/Z
ATLAS RENOTER AT-15-8477/2010 FPC-ITB-0456/Z

Technical data

ATLAS SILKON ANX is manufactured on the basis of organosilicon resin and quartz powder.

Density of the ready-to-use product ca. 1.5 g/cm3
Adhesion to concrete > 1.0 MPa
Mass preparation temperature, substrate and ambient
temperature during work
from +5°C to +30°C
Drying time 4 ÷ 6 h




The average consumption is ca. 0.3 kg of the priming mass for 1 m2.


Plastic buckets: 15 kg
Pallet: 660 kg in 15 kg buckets

Type of render:
  • Silicone



(DE) Technische Daten (anx_td_de.pdf, 195 Kb) [Download]

(EN) Technical Data (anx_td_eng.pdf, 289 Kb) [Download]

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